The Messiah of Perfection

The messiah of perfection is a character named Nebur Frick. He believes he is an envoy who has to show the perfection using poetry. Poetry in the word, poetry in the body being in balance, poetry in the objects that draw the air and mock gravity.

Perfection is contradiction
because perfection
is imperfection
it is the concession
of a decision
without precision
it is the disappointment in a decision
or the decision of a disappointment
it is admiration in a situation
Without error, it is better, it is value …
Perfection is right
Imperfection is wrong
although the truth
is that nobody is perfect
leaving an open space
between right and wrong.

The messiah of perfection is a show where magic, circus and humor are the main characters.


Duration: 50 min.
Space: 6m wide x 5m long x 5m high.
Genre: Magic, theater and circus
For all audiences.
Assembly time: 2 hours.
Dismantling time: 1 hour.


Dressing room
WC nearby
Close power socket.
Smooth and flat floor.