Started to dedicate herself to the circus when she was 18 years old, performing itinerant shows in the southern part of Brazil. At the age of 20, she traveled abroad to discover, learn and contribute to the circus in other South American countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

Having seen, learned and taken part in several circus arts, Manoela participated in several conventions and worked in the Circo Tony Caluga of Chile. She went back to Brazil to attend professional training at the National Circus School of Rio de Janeiro. The School had excellent tutors whom were basically born under the tent of performing arts, that followed the traditional learning techniques of the circus. After graduation, Manoela decided to display her performing art around the world in countries such as Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain.
Manoela has mastered the following techniques:
Juggling, Antipodism and Spinning.