La Chimba

La CHIMBA in Colombian is an expression to say that something is great, that something is good. In this case, we use the term CHIMBA to name this show, where “LA CHIMBA” does not become a circus because there is no tent or a track, it does not become a cinema because there is no projector or a large screen … but it is a show where juggling, balancing, foot juggling and humor could make a special trip to the cinema or just a show where adults, children and everyone enjoy the CHIMBA time.

Manoela from Brazil and Nebur de la Mancha are the responsible of this show, their union form the company Vallisoletana THE SHESTER’S. These two characters love their work and enjoy it knowing that the show is the CHIMBA moment.


Duration: 50 min o versión de 30 min.
Space: 6m wide x 7m long x 6m high.
Genre: theater and circus.
For all audiences.
Assembly time: 30 min (if faster is required it is possible).
Dismantling time: 15 min.


Dressing room.
WC nearby.
Close power socket.
Smooth and flat floor.